In order to avoid a period of 4 years without any activity related to the HYP Conferences, the Scientific and Organizing Committees decided to organize the HYP2020/21 day as an online event that took place in July 2, 2021. This event included the talks by the first James Glimm Lecturer, the first Peter Lax Awardee, and two of the invited speakers of HYP2020. James Glimm and Peter Lax honored the event with their presence. The four registered talks are available in this web site for pre-registered participants.

Peter Lax Award

Jacob Bedrossian (U. Maryland – USA)
Hydrodynamic stability at high Reynolds number
Chair: Eitan Tadmor (U. Maryland – USA)

James Glimm Lecture

Constantine Dafermos (Brown U. – USA)
The Glimm Scheme
Chair: Alberto Bressan (Penn State U. – USA)

Invited Plenary Speakers

Manuel J. Castro (U. Málaga – Spain)
An overview to well-balanced high-order finite-volume schemes for balance laws
Chair: José A. Carrillo (University of Oxford – UK)

Min Tang (Shanghai Jiaotong U. – China)
Kinetic model with internal state for chemotaxis
Chair: Shi Jin (Shanghai Jiaotong U. – China)